Overview of Marble Industry in India

Published: 04th January 2010
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The marble industry in India has been flourishing ever since ages, which has made India the fourth largest producer of marbles in the world after Belgium, France and Greece. The Indian marble industry is not only confined at production or supply of the marbles but export of highly acclaimed stones such as blocks, flooring, calibrated (ready to fix tiles), monuments, slabs, structural slabs, tomb stones, cobbles, cubes, sculptures, artifacts, pebbles, kerbs, and landscape garden stones has also been its important part.

The constant growth of Indian marble industry is because of the reason that they are highly acclaimed and possess characters like low cost, beautiful looks and longevity. The industry is also equipped with state of the art resource of machinery and tool manufacturers who cater very well to the rising demands of this sector.

Factors affecting the demand and supply of marbles in India

Studies have shown an increasing trend in both demand and supply of marbles. The factors which highly influence the demand and supply of marble in the country are due to the following:

Increased Production- The production of marbles has increased manifolds in recent years with the introduction of mining machinery and development of new mining fields. Furthermore, in recent years few marble producing regions have been discovered. Makarana and Ambaji were only regions in Rajasthan which where producing marbles on large scale but at present marbles are being produced at more than 20 centres of the state.

Decrease in construction activities- It has been observed that the production of marble is increasing day by day whereas the consumption of marble is decreasing with the decline in construction activity. So, the production of marble is huge as compared to its utilization.

Global recession faced by the industry- The production and supply of marble was severely hit by recession wherein the demand of marble had greatly decreased with the decreased purchasing power of common consumers. According to the experts, the industry will take quite a lot of time to come back on track.

Impact of Government Policies on the Industry

Government in India has introduced many laws in order to promote and expand marble industry globally.

1. Removal of Excise Duty - Government's decision to remove excise duty on marble (upto the annual sales of Rs.1 Crore) is a great relief for the industry. The removal of the excise duty from marble will prove less costlier to the one at receiving end, which would ultimately increases the demand of marble in the global market.

2. New Marble Policy- Under this new policy, the search for new marble regions in the state is facilitated. This also permits the prospecting work for the new findings of marble deposits. In short it can also be said that after realizing the importance of the industry, Indian Government is now taking every possible action to expand and promote the industry.

The Government of India has set a target of raising Indian stone industry to 50% in the next 5 years. The bulk of the Indian marbles are being produced in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and several others. About 90% of the marble is produced alone in Rajasthan, and Gujarat including few other states of Southern India produces granite at larger scale.

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